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Max Alter



From: Max Alter
Founder of Videos for Accountants

Dear Accountant,

Let me to ask you a question:

Does your practice generate the income you deserve?

Or is there room for improvement?

In the next couple of minutes, I’ll show you a highly effective method that will help you grow your client base effortlessly, stand out from the competition, and turn your clients and prospects into fans.

And that’s just the beginning.

This method will not only activate your own resources that are already in place but still highly underutilised, it will also help you harness the single most powerful online promotion tool bar none.

So, what is this method?

It is Video on Your Website. But not just any kind of video.

Videos For Accountants offer your website visitors highest quality, highly targeted information that engages them and makes them want more.

There are 3 principal reasons why video has such a powerful impact on website visitors:

  • It engages them like no other medium can.
  • It leverages Your Expertise to establish You as an Authority in their eyes.
  • It converts prospect into clients better than any other medium.

Here is what accountancy website visitors said about Videos For Accountants:

“I was surprised how easy things looked when I saw this video. I don’t know much about accountancy, and there are always new tax laws in the UK, so now that am starting up my new company this video helped lots. The video directly addressed my questions about whether to set up as a limited company or a sole trader, and it was easy to understand. I didn’t expect this on an accountant’s website; therefore I decided to contact this accountancy firm.”

Michelle Ch., CEO @ Introducing Wellness Products

“I really like the simplicity of the visuals and the narration. I was intrigued to know more and to contact the accountant.”

James Li

It’s exactly what I have been planning to ask my current accountants who charge us for every stroke on the keyboard they make. This is true especially for the topics regarding the partnership models, deductible business expenses, and reasons for changing accountants (3 out of 4 reasons are true in our case!). I did contact the new accountant.”

Boris K, CEO @ Inventera Ltd

Wouldn’t you like reactions like these from your visitors?

But there is more…

Videos For Accountants also help getting your website found, seen and clicked on in the search results.

It’s a fact. With video, not only will your website stand out from the competition, it will also attract 41% of all clicks even if it is not among the top 3 sites on the page.

This not only beats paid search traffic, it levels the playing field and lets local firms compete with the big players in the market.
Let me show you an example of how this method works:

A year ago, I used this method for one of my sites. Look what it got me: the top spot in Google! And it’s still there one year after I stopped promoting it.

Did you notice something else on this Google page?

Mine is the only video on this page.

How different is the picture when it comes to accountants in the UK!

Wherever you go in the UK, from London to Leeds, from Cornwall to Aberdeen, there is not a single video on accountants’ websites anywhere.
Videos For Accountants - Google Search
Now imagine that your site is the first one with a video on such a page. What would that do to the number of enquiries on your website and ultimately to your client base?

And there is even more because this method has yet another trick up its sleeve:

It future proofs your website.

This is how it works:Videos For Accountants - YouTube
About 30% of all searches in the UK, particularly local searches, are done on smartphones and tablets. And this percentage just keeps growing. This means that websites that cannot be read on mobile devices are starting to lose out.

Is your website mobile compatible?

Here’s the good news:
Youtube makes your videos automatically compatible with all viewing devices including smartphones and tablets. All you have to do is embed your Youtube videos in your website, and they will show on any mobile device even if your website should not be mobile compatible yet.

As you have see, Videos For Accountants offer highly targeted, engaging information that your website visitors are looking for. This method not only propels your website to be found, seen and clicked on but also makes it future proof.

So how do Videos For Accountants work?
Videos For Accountants - Calendar
It is very simple.

Once a week, you receive a video for your Youtube channel (we’ll set one up for you if you don’t have one). The video comes with its own high quality article for your website with the video and call to action embedded in it. Everything is ready and optimised for your visitors to enjoy. You don’t have to worry about a thing.

Because some of our clients told us that they prefer being more hands on, we listened to them and now offer 2 options:

With the first option, we do all the work for you. There is nothing for you to upload to Youtube or publish on your website. Everything is taken care of. All you do is tell everyone about the fabulous new content on your website.

With the second option, we send you everything ready for your website and your Youtube channel. You upload, you embed, and you publish.

With this method, Videos For Accountants will help you grow your client base effortlessly, stand out from the competition, and turn your clients and prospects into fans.

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Do it now! Don’t let your competitors get in first.

Harness the most powerful online and offline promotion tool for your practice, and let it help you generate the income you deserve.

With my best wishes for the success of your practice



Max Alter
Founder of Videos For Accountants

P.S. With Videos For Accountants you will be several steps ahead of your competitors: you will stand out from the competition, future proof you website content at zero cost and harness the highest power of conversion available online.